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Amateur Rugby Podcast

Apr 11, 2020

Season Finale
Hello Amateurs and welcome to this short, Season Finale where I’ll share with you:
  • Everything I’ve learnt about creating a podcast including a couple of embarrassing stories
  • The themes that have reappeared throughout the series
  • Some podcast stats about downloads and most popular episodes
  • A...

Apr 4, 2020

Andy Stevens - full-time rugby coach - is my guest this week. Andy is a coach at Ellingham & Ringwood rugby club in dorset where my nephew plays his rugby.
This interview was recorded in January of 2020 and we talked about Andy’s school playing days, his transition into becoming a top-level volleyball player and...

Mar 28, 2020

Jonny Hylton former England 7s and Premiership player with Wasps and Worcester is my guest this week.
Our careers converged from diametrically opposite directions in 2010 at Esher Rugby club where we were team-mates for a couple of joyful seasons. 
This interview was recorded in January of 2020 and we discussed...

Mar 21, 2020

Piers Mitchell and I met in Africa in 2017 whilst on a rugby outreach program and I caught up with him at Richmond Rugby Club in January of 2020.
We talked about our time coaching kids in Africa with The Bhubesi Pride, Piers’ self-admittedly limited playing career, some amazing stories about playing rugby around the...

Mar 14, 2020

Bill Blythe and I met at Old Colfeians a good few years ago now. He was a late-comer to our sport but has since immersed himself as a player, captain, sponsor, committeeman and coach.
This interview was recorded in January of 2020 and we discussed what it was like for him to break into the game as an adult, rugby...